AL Surveys


We offer a range of services. Each can be tailored to your own specific needs.

Commissioning your own survey is a simple and economic way to avoid unpleasant – and perhaps costly – surprises after moving in. In some case a surveyors report may enable you to renegotiate the purchase price.

Even if you are seeking a mortgage – and may be paying the intended lender a fee for a mortgage valuation report – it is still advisable and prudent to arrange a more survey by your own surveyor. Both the Consumers Association Which? Magazine and the Council of Mortgage Lenders both give this advice. The reason is simple: the mortgage valuation report is prepared for the lender – not you the borrower. It answers only the lenders questions about the appropriate security for your loan. It is also a basic level report and will only briefly mention defects etc that are likely to have a significantly material effect on the value of the property.

The most detailed and comprehensive report is a Building Survey. This is particularly relevant for older properties, those in poor condition or of non-standard construction.

The Homebuyer Report is in a standard format designed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is designed as an economic alternative to a Building Survey. It is intended for properties in reasonable condition and of standard construction and focuses on essentials: defects and problems which are urgent or significant although it does include much other valuable information.

We often find that clients are concerned about incurring high costs associated with buying a property only to discover a major defect or factor once they receive a surveyors report. To provide an early warning of such potential problems we provide a pre-offer inspection. This is a cost effective way to obtain expert advice on the merits of a property and also on its value which will help you to pitch your offer at the correct level.

If you simply want a valuation of a residential property we are happy to provide. Clients instruct these for a wide variety of reasons.

Finally we are happy to provide advice on any one-off aspect of a properties condition, for example if you want an independent view on solving damp issues.