AL Surveys

Pre-offer inspections

We can also inspect a property prior to you making a offer in order to give you early warning of potential problems that may be affecting a property you are interested in buying. Examples of such problems could be as on-going structural problems, widespread asbestos materials present, damp and/or rot to timbers,  alterations carried out without receiving building regulation approval etc.

These inspections are a cost effective way to avoid wasting time and money, e.g. mortgage application fees, legal and surveyors fees etc, on having an offer accepted only to find out about a serious defect or drawback that had you known about it at the onset would have made you decide not to take it any further. This type of inspection should however not be considered as a comprehensive inspection and report and only concentrates on major defects that could be ‘deal breakers’.

The feedback can be given either verbally whilst walking around the property with yourself or via a short report

In conjunction with this we can give our view on what we would consider is the fair purchase price with details if needed of similar properties sold in the vicinity.